2020.03.18 Rehearsal

As the Ship Went DownUnder PressureI BelieveLittle ThingsYou Can Call Me AlWe Rise Again

2020.03.18 Rehearsal2020-03-12T10:11:24-04:00


I BelieveUnder PressureTomorrow Is a Chance to Start OverAll Night LongAs the Ship Went Down


2020.02.26 Rehearsal

This Little Light of MineAll Night LongThe Little ThingsYou Can Call Me AlTomorrow Is a Chance to Start Over

2020.02.26 Rehearsal2020-02-26T11:09:10-05:00

2020.02.19 Rehearsal

As the Ship Went Down You Can Call Me AlThe Little ThingsLove Can Build A BridgeCats In the Cradle

2020.02.19 Rehearsal2020-02-19T07:58:27-05:00
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